This War of Mine

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This War of Mine - a terrific cross-platform game for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac OS, the Windows and Linux from the Polish developer 11 bit studios, known for a series of games and Anomaly Sleepwalker's Journey. The game combines two genres - the quest and based on a true story of survival simulator.

In accordance with historical subjects actions occur in Serbia 10 years ago. While the city experienced a four-year siege of Sarajevo, and your main character - not the soldiers of the regular army, not a soldier mercenary army, not a peacekeeping army soldiers and ordinary civilians who got in a terrible millstone of war. During the entire blockade residents fought for its existence with hunger, cold, lack of medicines and medical care, looters and other ills. Real stories of residents who have survived such a difficult situation, were the basis of the storyline.

Gameplay is organized in such a way that you need to manage each member of your group and communicate with other people. Your task - to get food and resources to create tools and other useful things, as well as fighting literally for their lives.

There is a fascinating story, well-organized gameplay and stunning design that you just need to see - to see the world the volume in which the ruins, fire, full of turmoil, somewhere there is torrential rain; see the actors, each of which is personalized; see the different conditions in the surviving buildings.

Main characteristics and advantages of the game This War of Mine:

- A vivid gameplay

- A fascinating story based on real facts

- 2D game world superimposed on the volumetric

- Beautiful design

- Great attention to detail

Negative characteristics of the game This War of Mine:

- The game fee - it costs more than 10 dollars

Summary: Beautifully presented an exciting adventure that will not leave you indifferent, so download the game and enjoy.


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