Escape from the catacombs


Escape from the catacombs - a puzzle game for the android platform will require you to logical thinking to solve complex problems. The main character of the game was in the intricate catacombs, the secret entrance to which he found in the palace. He does not know where the exit, so your task - to help him get out of this intricate maze that holds ancient secrets and hidden treasures, which for centuries untouched by human hands. Exploring the dark dungeon, do not forget to collect various useful items, they will be useful to help in the performance of tasks.

Key features of the game Escape from the catacombs:

· An addictive puzzle game with complex logic assignments

· Gloomy atmosphere of mysterious dungeons

· Frightening inhabitants - skeletons and monsters

Download Escape from the catacombs apk Free 21.61 MB version 1.0.1

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