Simon the sorcerer: 20th anniversary edition


Simon the sorcerer: 20th anniversary edition - game for android platform invites you to a magical world, which opened the main character, a young man named Simon. He found a mysterious book, opened it, along with his dog found himself in the country where they live amazing creatures, and operate magical powers. In this country, he was waiting for an incredible adventure, and your task is to help Simon successfully out of the current quite dangerous situations and to return home. To do this, read the letter of the old magician, who provides guidance, how and what to do ..

The main properties of the game Simon the sorcerer: 20th anniversary edition:

· Exciting gameplay built on a fascinating story

· A large variety of tasks to be done

· Beautiful design with multi-color graphics

· Funny actors

To play you need to download cache, address: sdcard / Android / obb /



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