Blood House Escape


Blood House Escape - moderate complexity quest for Android, which make logical thinking, but without fanaticism. You need to get out of the dark and unusual house, which, judging by the blood trail, recently there have been terrible events. A distinctive feature of this game is that it is not a trivial search items that already rather tired, and a quest that requires you to custom solutions.

Unfortunately, the game is not the plot. Gameplay takes place in an abandoned old house. Blood on the walls, on the floor and on different subjects, as well as the bodies indicate that in this house there was something out of the ordinary, but rather a terrible crime. No plot, so on can fantasize themselves.

The main character was in one of the rooms of the house with traces of the crime of which he, of course, wants to get out as quickly as possible, but the room is locked, and if he could open it, it will get to the next the same locked room and so on. The game is built on the principle of the quest in which you want to get out of the locked room, and this may help in various hidden objects, the answers to the puzzles and ciphers. And the intrigue that is logically thought, you have to take a rather non-standard solutions, in most cases, while you can count only on themselves, because in the game there are no clues.

The main properties of the game Blood House Escape:

· Quest moderate complexity

· An exciting adventure with the search for objects, solve puzzles and logic problems, guessing ciphers

· Great design with excellent graphics and the appropriate soundtrack

· Lack of domestic purchases and Donata

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Blood House Escape:

· Annoying advertising, which many

· Lack of plot

· Lack tips

Summary: Download this fascinating adventure, if not afraid of blood, and enjoy solving puzzles, because this game is ahead of a large number of similar games.


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