Enemies of the state HD


Enemies of the state HD - a new quest for Android developers Anuman, which is different from their counterparts in the market of original and intriguing story about gangsters and mafia. But let's about it a bit more.

According to the story the action takes place in America during the Great Depression, when crime is rampant. At this time in the United States acted known robbers Bonnie and Clyde, which in 1967 even made a film. The protagonist in the game is a writer in search of inspiration which decided a change of scenery and moved to one of the oldest hotels. By coincidence, she was granted a hotel room, which once stopped this famous couple of criminals. The writer finds in the room diary belonged to Bonnie, which was a lot of interesting information, but the most intriguing turned encrypted mail. It then became the beginning of a new adventure, because our heroine could not resist the temptation and went in the footsteps of robbers in search of new facts. You will certainly want to help her, and you fully immerse yourself in the process of finding new clues and evidence.

The main properties of the game Enemy of the State HD:

· Beautiful design with colorful graphics and well thought-out pictures

· Large number of different locations - nearly fifty

· There are various mini-games

· A lot of different tips and help

· Lack of Donata

· Free demo version

Negative characteristics of the game Enemy of the State HD:

· Demo version, of course, does not reflect the full meaning of the game, and all the fascinating remains "behind the scenes" - the paid version, for which you need to pay a little less than a dollar

· Those who do not speak English, the game will not be very interesting and quite difficult because no translation

Summary: If you're a fan of quests, pay attention to this game. We can not say that this genre breakthrough, but the game is based on a fascinating story.

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb

Download Enemies of the state HD apk Free 7.62 MB version 1.045

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