Pirate Escape


Pirate Escape - a good quest to Android. Pirate ship on which the captive is a pirate on the unfortunate circumstances were captured. Games in which you need to get out of the rooms, the market of computer entertainment enough. The idea of ​​a pirate ship makes a certain variety in this abundance and, of course, welcome.

Typically, games of this genre are far from reality, because they contain strange puzzles and clues are found in places where you would never look. Include fantasy and use a creative approach to problem solving. You also need a bit of visual memory. In general, the game is simple, search for all that is required, do not require much effort, because puzzles are pretty standard, but their solution is quite traditional.

If there are difficulties with the passage of a portion of the game, you can use the system prompts, but it definitely will require an internet connection. To get help, you want to see advertising, then you will be sent on YouTube, where there is a movie in which you will be shown how to overcome this difficult for you to plot the game.

The game Pirate Escape has some plot, but in order to get out of the room, which is a separate problem that is not related to the next room, and he was not really needed, however, your hero, pirate, falls in captured, and your task - to help him escape.

Unfortunately, the design of the game does not cause joy, because the picture is normal, there is no HD resolution. If you play on the big screen, these shortcomings are immediately noticeable.

In addition, you can go for free, only the first 10 levels. If you wish to continue, you will be offered to pay.

Summary: The offer to go first 10 levels of the game, which are free to explore it. If intrigue, you can buy, and net-court no. I must say that the game Pirate Escape is not an outstanding representative of the genre.


Download Pirate Escape apk Free 11.6 MB version 1.0

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