Swordbreaker - a great quest for Android. Revives the good old tradition, when the schedule falls on a human hand. In recent years, computer graphics has replaced everything, and very rarely come across anturazhnye and cool game with a hand drawing. Swordbreaker from the developers of DuCats Games is a game. The first thing that catches the eye is the fact that the game Swordbreaker - is an art, because each picture painted by this artist, an expert in their field

The plot of the game is quite trivial, but not without interest, because your every decision that means something, and every action affects the result. The game will surprise you if you, showing curiosity, find innovative solutions. According to the story the main character is in the castle for a treasure hunt, falls into the difficult and dangerous situations and encounters with other characters.

In this case we are talking about a demo version of the game, which is free, but with advertising. This version is supported by the Android platform and iOS. The full version of the game yet on the market, and when it is not known because the game to draw by hand - the process time consuming and expensive, so developers are openly saying that the full version will be paid, which is under a good reason.

It should be noted that the increasing interest in the test version, the faster will be available the full version of the game, but in the meantime, download the fact that there is a dive into the fascinating and beautiful game world and ney money on the full version. Most likely, you will want to play it!

Summary: The demo version has undoubtedly deserves attention because it is an interesting game products with the fascinating story and great graphics. Let's wait for the full version, and it appears on the demo version, promises to be cool, though it is not known how much fun it will cost.

Download Swordbreaker apk Free 22.57 MB version 1.0

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