Secret Files Tunguska


Secret Files Tunguska - excellent quest on Android with a fascinating story and dialogue, but without the HOS, strange as it seems at first glance. The game supports many languages, so it's easy to take part in the dialogue. For developers of Deep Silver game Secret Files Tunguska was the first game and paid the first quest, because before that in their arsenal was not the most popular race and space strategy. But the Secret Files Tunguska should be their breakthrough.

Since that release a lot of quests and often, this genre is much simpler and has lost its exclusivity. Most games are simply decorated and have not only intriguing, but in general any plot. The appearance of Secret Files Tunguska event can be called in the creation of computer games, particularly in the genre of the quest, and to compare this game except that you can hit with a recognized Syberia. What is common? - You may ask. It's awesome intriguing storyline, great graphics and high-quality implementation of the incomparable. Agree, this similarity is worth it!

Consider the plot of the game. In the title game Tunguska present geographic location, which is also in Siberia, and thus events occur in the place where, as we know, the Tunguska meteorite fell, and are associated with this incident, which in real life is covered with mysteries, and what talk about the game, where you can unleash the imagination. Girl Nina, the protagonist, is investigating the incident said, trying to unravel the mysteries associated with it, which is why she was kidnapped. As a result, the girl falls in different corners of the planet, but all you need to know now - that's what the story is superior to all sorts of expectations and very pleasantly surprise you.

Gameplay is simple and clear, in the style of the classic quest. You do not have to search for items, and will have to think logically to solve problems. True lovers of quests, for sure, it will be enjoyed.

High level design of the game Secret Files Tunguska for android platform deserves special mention. Here great graphics, great detail thought out, beautifully prescribed the world, interesting exciting levels.

Summary: attractive and fascinating classic quest, which is worth the money that ask for it.


Download Secret Files Tunguska apk Free 10.02 MB version 1.0.18

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