Murder Files: Enigma Express


Murder Files: Enigma Express - made ​​a big mistake if you do not pay attention to the game on Android, because the proposed search objects is very exciting in its diversity and originality.

The game has a storyline that begins with a bank robbery, but not all the money was stolen, but only those who were in a cell belonging to the prisoner London prison. Then the criminals decided to remove the witnesses, which caused the resonance and desire to clarify the situation, what is the task that you must solve.

Diverse gameplay, which includes a large number of dialogs, intriguing task, as well as tips. Also, sometimes you can use to help your dog for the task. Of course, you accrued points, which can be opened for the following levels.

Probably not ideal games, or very, very little. This game is not without its flaws, chief among which is the Donut. With the passage of the level of power consumption, which can be easily recovered with Donata, or for a long time to wait, if you play for free.

Next disadvantage is the repetition of some locations, which manifests itself as follows: You as a robber returned again and again to the same place, and it, you can podnadoest.

Another must draw your attention to a rather obsessive offer to integrate into the social network. If you have a lot of friends to Facebook, and they goryad desire to fight with you in this game, then the proposal is appropriate, otherwise - annoying.

The game is very well designed, in her beautiful pictures with perfectly legible details. Together with a great sense of humor game carries a lot of positive emotions, which helps to ignore those flaws that exist in the game.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Murder Files: Enigma Express

· Fun and interesting storyline

· Outstanding graphics with details

· Entertaining actors

· Excellent sound and music

· The developers plan to provide constant updates

· In statistics Google provides leaderboards and achievements

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Murder Files: Enigma Express

· Donat

· Repetition and return to the previous location

· Obsessive offer to connect to the social network

Summary: if you do not take into account the repetition of locations, long wait for the recovery of energy without the use of Donato, the game can be characterized by a great representative of the genre, but if you have a lot of friends in a social network, ready to play with you, this game is for you.

In the directory: sd / android / obb have cache.


Download Murder Files: Enigma Express apk Free 17.06 MB version 1.18.2

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