Talisman Digital edition


Talisman Digital edition
- Is an RPG for mobile devices on Android. For computers that are a product created ten years ago. The game can have up to four players. Magical crown - the main goal for all players. Who will find it first passed many tests, one winner. Talisman will help you find the crown. The whole gameplay is permeated with magic and in the style of fantasy.

Developers successfully shifted the game on the android platform, well drawn up and made her a fee - about three dollars. It is worth paying for a great game or not, you decide, but not (Such games a lot, so if you've played, you know that the game is decent, if forget that role-playing games on the computer entertainment market quite a lot.

Advantages of the game Talisman:

· Role-playing game on a tablet or mobile phone

· In accordance with the official rules

· A large selection of characters to them cards

· The game has local multiplayer and multiplayer for games on the internet

· Built-in tutorial is for those who are just starting to play

· You can read the rules online

· It is possible to push the speed of action

· Translation in six languages

· Keep records of the results and formed leaderboard

Negative characteristics of the game Talisman:

· For the game you have to pay

· There is no translation into Russian

Summary: The money for the game did not just want - great board game with a large number of game elements and the ability to play online.


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  • Posted by: Камино (Guest), 2016-01-18 22:43:57
    А на русском есть? На 4пда давали ссылку, но там надо тел вводить. Не мог бы кто скачать там и нормально выложить?