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Unmechanical - Good Paid Puzzle on Android. How exciting to explore the world, which is a symbiosis of industrialism and steampunk, with minor additions of natural reality! Developers have filled its many crevices, buttons, pipes, levers, gears, stones, bollards and other items that you will meet in the game. You have to be agility to move forward amid all this clutter, and even move Bashers and use the cell's memory.

Control of the game you have to kind of creature with a big head and little legs, and the head is equipped with a propeller. An important element of this creature is a ray with which you can take and carry objects. To pass the challenging levels will require a lot of time, so you can get carried away for long gameplay.

What a mess! To play, you have to pay more than $ 3. The environment is made without much detail, though excellent graphics. Despite the fact that the management of simple, to him getting used to.

Advantages games Unmechanical:

· Extremely interesting world

· Exciting job, sometimes quite complex

· Funny characters that amuses

· Very good graphics and all sales are

· Excellent musical accompaniment

Negative characteristics of the game Unmechanical:

· Sometimes lack of detail

· Payment for

Summary: if you compare the game with The Cave as a benchmark for graphics, it is possible to say that does not hold. Environment game similar to Machinarium, but pumped up the atmosphere. All in all a great game that fans love quests and puzzles.


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