STARDOM: THE A-LIST - Meet the wonderful game for Android. Who is not interested in the backstage Hollywood, with its gossip, stories and incredible fame. Definitely we can not call STARDOM: THE A-LIST simulator of life in Hollywood, but its absence also impossible to say. Your journey begins with a bus stop and you have a small amount of money and uncertainty.

Your way and glory only in your hands. You have to gossip, lie, flirt, fight for his dream to become famous, you have to work. This is your way to fame and dream that you go through with his hero. Path is not a quick or simple, even when your role will be, it will be only the beginning.

Gameplay is done as the quest, despite the fact that the graphics are 2D, it is pleasant enough, every single slide traced to small parts, there is a little animation and lots of options. There are a lot of long conversations and a large selection of accessories.

STARDOM: THE A-LIST has features:

- Often have the opportunity to change the appearance of the star

- A stunning range of services that can offer only Hollywood bars, restaurants, clubs and movie sets

- Once you have the opportunity to chat with celebrities or buy a property, all that you wish

- Arrange a party, invite your friends

- Has its own rating in the game

Enjoy the luxury of Hollywood!


Download STARDOM: THE A-LIST apk Free 29.03 MB version 2.1.8

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