Adventure Town


Adventure Town - a great game for Android, with no less thrilling story. Thus, the plot of the game is that, when - what a great city fell to attack an incredible amount of evil monsters and horrific beasts that destroyed all that came in their way and there was a hero who could stop them. This hero you awake, you will be able to rebuild the city and defeat the enemy. Your heroic journey begins with a small building, which will be the first step in rebuilding the city and justice. Thus you will be able to attract more heroes who will be your glorious army, which go into battle with the terrible enemies.

Each character is unique in its own way, you have the ability to customize it the way you do the math right, make the most fearless and brave warrior who will be afraid of every monster. Start your campaign against the forces of darkness with the glorious and heroic army of heroes.

Adventure Town has the features:

- Absolutely free game and its resources

- Be the hero of his regiment army where every soldier is the way you see fit

- Join the military battles with monsters and repel their attacks

- Go out boldly into enemy territory, exploring the surrounding land

- Look for all the bosses, and dispose of it

- Carry out and get all the quests

- Have the opportunity to place their achievements on the honor roll in the net.



Download Adventure Town apk Free 49.4 MB version 0.4.3

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