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TOI: Fallen Knight - great turn-based RPGs on Android with exciting elements of the strategy. Exciting gameplay will brighten your free time. Gameplay and your actions are built at the turn of pictures and a fairly large number of text. Play can pay $ 5.

You are in the role of a noble hero named Elric, unjustly accused of murder. Eric was sentenced to a terrible punishment. You are just not ready to accept such an outcome, so rush in and run a perilous journey through the kingdom of Illyria. All would be if you were not on the hunted and the hunter hidden behind every corner. Do not despair, you will have allies. Your task - to organize and assemble an army of allies who will help you get justice, and possibly seize power, so you have no one to blame. Your adventure will be dangerous - exciting and only you decide how to act and what to decide.

TOI: Fallen Knight has features:

- The developer promises us more than a day of gameplay and an incredible amount of new content

- Only here and only here you waiting for 700 meetings

- You have a choice of the form of battle, and it may be a turn-based tactics, either in real time

- A stunning six kingdoms and more than 40 villages

- A great number of monsters, various shops and equipment

- Great music, because the soundtrack contains over 70 tracks

It should be noted pluses TOI: Fallen Knight:

1. Highly addictive game

2. Incredible scenery open before you

3. Thoughtful and exciting plot, the property has changed from our own decisions and the chosen strategy

4. The important thing is that the game is not demanding closely to the characteristics of your mobile device.

Can not be said about the disadvantages TOI: Fallen Knight:

1. Quite a lot of text, minus it or not, yet you decide

2. Bit rustic animation and graphics

3. Game is not free and the cost is $ 5

We should also note that a lot of text to be read, and the native language - English.

So, if you know English well, you like the classic role-playing games, well, the game you like and do not need to feel sorry for $ 5.

Enjoy and fascinating gameplay you!


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