Abandoned House - Abandoned house


Abandoned House - Well presented LoveGames game developers on Android, which at first glance may seem a little weird, the game, which is a bit alarming, considering that the company has only two games: 1. Cute platformer with cute kitten jumping on a colorful and positive levels; 2. Horror with scary zombies, monsters and fragments of human bodies. Maybe it's a trial version, and possibly learn their version of the player. Well, we will wait for the third game, probably, and then clear up the situation.

The game does not exactly show you the high-end animation, what - what superb graphics, as the budget of the game prevented from doing so, but the game was just terrible. Really creepy game, well, trash that you can see only enhance the effect.

In the story of the game, the protagonist and his girlfriend decided to visit an abandoned house, not to mention the fact that this house is not a place for meetings and walks. Unfortunately, this trip does not end very well too. The protagonist gets a severe blow to the head and knocked unconscious, and when he comes to himself sees that his girlfriend had disappeared, and only around a dark and terrible house.

Drawing attention to the gameplay, you'll see that everything worked from the heart, but just. You will witness during the game panoramic photo of an abandoned house, in a word - selection canceled. You will see some animation unintelligible beings elements well to finish elements. Dorisovki be visible, because the picture quality is quite good and this overlay is seen only one eye. Not taking into account all the nuances, you can really enjoy the atmosphere of the game. You have to solve tricky puzzles, tasks, you will find two hundred and fifty eerie locations and recording tasks.

And most importantly, that the voice of the gameplay is one of the main priorities of this genre. Here all perfectly, and you will hear the groans, and warriors, and gnashing of bones and more, not to mention the black humor, the whole gameplay addictive and plunges you on - complete.

Guaranteed you will be able to enjoy the gameplay, as a lover of this genre.


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