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Violett - Meet the wonderful game for Android, which is quite interesting and beautiful style. So Mouse hole opens up an incredible world, in which the main story will be tied. You will live in a great world, but it will only be great for you because you're small as a mouse. On one side you are surrounded household items, and on the other side you never saw them so as you can see here. Here you will shake out and paint. Here you can see every detail, because the developer did a good job. Scale storyline and drawing every detail is fascinating.

The game is intended for those who like to solve problems and puzzles for those who love mysteries. It's not just a game - it's a masterpiece.

The game's plot revolves around the main character named Violette, got into a situation that is familiar to many. Favorite parents brought the girl in the summer in the village where she thinks all the tedious and boring. And so, one day, the girl notices strange flickering in a mouse hole and decided to come and see him. And then she gets in an incredible journey filled with adventure.

Violett has features:

1. Incredible adventure in a fantasy world full of magic objects and situations

2. Stunning mysteries

3. Delightful and unforgettable atmosphere of the game, will entice you to complete

4. Caution must be exercised to bloodthirsty spiders, whose eyes will feel

5. Incredible opportunity to change the world around

6. Say about the graphics, it masterpiece - to say nothing

7. Game plot motifs remind Alice in Wonderland and similar



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