The Cave

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The Cave - Meet incredible quest - it's a complete delight for Android. Only delight you with a wonderful experience and the incredible gameplay that awaits the very first minute of the game. Anyone who has decided to play must be prepared for the fact that it is not just a quest, this is a stunning and vast world of adventure and travel. World fabulously lively, interactive world, which is a confined space called a cave.

Stunning plot of the game, your team consists of seven heroes and every single individual. Each has its own story and motivation for running in this dark, dark dungeon to solve a considerable number of problems. But the cave is interesting in - its as filled with interesting places, tricky puzzles, secrets and characters.

Great graphics and game mechanics nice quality, including a horizon that is drawn to the minutest details. Each character is unique in its own way, and their every move worked out all the details.

Do you have a team of seven heroes, namely monk, twins, traveler, time traveler, a knight, a scholar and a redneck. Walkthrough will group s three persons. Do you really want to learn all the details of each story, revealing the secrets of the cave.

There are some minor cons, this game involves modern and powerful device, and a small fee for the game.

The Cave is the best quest in the market, with the cost of a little more than $ 5.


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