Perfume Books


Perfume Books - a great app for Android, which does not let you get bored. Awesome quiz. Wonderful quiz on Android, which is not often you can meet.

You will see the mystery of taming omnipotent and wise creatures - Spirits Books. Such spirits are the guardians of human knowledge, which is with great pleasure to experience your erudition. If you can answer their questions, only then they will serve you faithfully.

You will get acquainted with the Spirit of Mathematics, with the spirit of sport and the Spirit Tales can

fill the coffers with gold, and
Spirit Videogame
- Destroy the city other players. Only here and now
Perfume Books as faithful servants, perform your every desire.

Perfume Books has features:
1. a real opportunity to expand their horizons of knowledge, the ability to know what you were unknown.
2. collects dozens of charismatic and dissimilar Spirits who remarkably colorful and try to collect all.
3. spirits will understand only force, curbed them, nobody will dare to stand in your way.
4. helping our spirits become stronger, you provide yourself with the opportunity to become richer than all the kings of the world.


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