Mini Ninjas


Mini Ninjas - a great game for Android, which will charge you with positive and give a good mood. You - the named Hiro, you - a real ninja who went to a difficult journey, with a fi

spruce return the stolen artifact. Dangerous and insidious dragon stole important artifact of the village, so our hero can not sit idly by and
he goes with his loyal friends in the path of the dragon in hot pursuit.

Great runner with combat direction, making it more interesting and exciting. On the way through your journey will not only obstacles, but also enemies, which will need to fight. Here, on your way, and professional soldiers, and flying ninjas and samurai.

It is important to note that there is a great opportunity to improve the character, getting him new weapons, drugs and various artifacts. You get for the money that can collect in the process of running and for completing other tasks.


Download Mini Ninjas apk Free 38.25 MB version 1.4.4

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