Games and software on Android

Bomb Club  is a game for the android platform in which you need to detonate bombs. For this, the playing field is divided into squares. Each level contains bombs on several cells, and your task is to detonate them all with one try. The distance between them is such that they cannot explode together, so you should add more bombs to

Big Farm: Tractor Dash  is an android platform game in which you have a farm at your disposal. The farm needs to be equipped, to restore the house on it, various utility rooms and fields. In order to restore the farm, you need action points. You can earn them by solving the original harvester puzzle

SHINING NIKKI  is an android platform game in which beauty works wonders because it offers a new generation of amazing and realistic dressing up on your screen. You yourself can define what a fashion is. The game has been in development for 3 years and uses advanced graphics technology Papergames

WILD ANIMALS EPIC RUN RACE: NEW 3D SIMULATION GAME  is a game for the android platform that offers a simulator of the epic race of wild animals in 2021. Animal racing 3D parkour contains obstacle courses. To win the race, you need to have a keen concentration. The environment of this game is done in beautiful HD graphics

DRAGONSAGA  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as an action genre. In it you will play at high speed and fight strong enemies. You remain the only hope in a world of light swallowed by darkness. "Star Kingdom" is the land of the world where the king of love and happy people live

ROBLOCK TRANSFORM RUN - EPIC CRAFT RAC E is an android platform game that will take you on a wonderful adventure as you rush along a runway filled with numerous obstacles such as a hole, a river and even animals. You must choose the right tool for the task ahead

RAGE ARENA  is a game for the android platform in which you can take part in large-scale PVP battles in heroic arenas and make your hero a champion. You can start your journey as a trainee and become the winner of the Rage Arena. Take part in epic battles and unlock new arenas

Vestria Story  is an android platform game that invites you on an adventure to protect Lin, the key to saving the world. The game contains rich content for challenges: Time Gap, Altar of Advent, Raid (Normal, Guild, World), Conquest and more. The script is displayed through the dialogues of the characters and the game

MERGE DREAM - MANSION DESIGN - DECORATE YOUR HOUSE  is a game for the android platform that invites you to demonstrate your taste and help decorate a new home. The main character Lisa is the worlds leading interior designer. She traveled the world for a long time to discover everything about design and decor.

Tiny Island Survival  is a platform game for android that invites you to survive on a very small island filled with forest. During the game, the forest must be cut down by getting a tree. You can also mine stone and use it in construction. The life that resource extraction takes can be restored by resting in a tent

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