Games and software on Android

PIRATE CREWS: TREASURE ADVENTURE  is a game for the android platform that invites you to become the ruler of a race, if you are a person with the spirit of a conqueror, ready to go on a journey to find treasures. To become the new pirate king, you need to take part in exciting adventures, meet friends and overcome rivals

OFFROAD BUS DRIVING SIMULATOR: NEW BUS GAMES 2021  is a game for the android platform that invites you to drive an off-road and city bus and is a simulator of an off-road bus or tourist and off-road parking. Crazy bus racing on impossible tracks with all sorts of stunts ahead

RENATO GARCIA: HERO SURVIVAL  is a game for the android platform that invites you to join Renato on a new epic journey, fighting alone against endless hordes of enemies. The evil that you once defeated returns once more to bring despair to our world, so in dynamic battles

DC Battle Arena  is a real-time multiplayer combat game for the android platform featuring the legendary DC superheroes, developed by Electronic Soul BBQ Studio in partnership with DC. In the game, you can take part in exciting battles as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many other characters

Youtubers Life: Game Channel - Get Popular! Is a game for the android platform in which you can manage your YouTube channel. From the very beginning, you should choose a blog topic and start developing it by editing new videos and launching streams. Do not forget about real life, friends and hobbies

Pigeon: A Love Story  is an android platform game in which you can become a pigeon flying over London or over randomly generated cities. Besides you, the dove, there are many more birds. There is no multiplayer. To score points, you can collect bagels while flying. The game takes place offline, the random city does not require an Internet connection

Lyxo  is a game for the android platform, which consists of 87 levels, each of which is created by hand and is unique. Seeing the light, you have to arrange mirrors in a dark space. If it is possible to illuminate all the specified points, the level is passed. The task is complicated by the fact that the points are not visible until they are counted

CyberHive  is a game for the android platform in which you have at your disposal the Melistar spaceship, which is a hive in which intelligent anthropomorphic bees live, or rather, animated girls stylized as bees who can collect resources and develop the ship while drifting in space

Cube Escape Collection  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as a classic hidden object quest. You have to solve various puzzles to fix mechanisms, go through labyrinths and play mini-games. There are no dialogues at all, although the characters play an important role in the passage of the level

Fisti-Fluffs  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as an action game and in which 6 playable locations are available to you. Your character is a cat who does not get bored in an empty masters house, because the players cats are fighting with each other and destroying everything that is in the location. The game supports several game modes: fight all against all

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