Games and software on Android

MARVEL Duel  is a game for the android platform in which battles with the help of cards await you, since the playing field is a table on which these battles take place. Cards can be attacking, defensive, or contribute to the pumping of the hero, thereby increasing his level. It is possible to play in campaign or duel mode

Berry Monsters  is a game for the android platform, in which each level is a location with a linear passage, because the characters move in one direction, destroying the zombies encountered on the way. The gameplay is divided into levels, displayed as points on the map. A team of monsters at your disposal

Merge Dungeon  is a game for the android platform, in which three heroes move along a straight path in two-dimensional locations. You cannot influence the formation, but you can choose which of the heroes to fight with the enemies you meet on the way. Three heroes belong to different classes - warrior, shooter and magician. Loot dropped from zombies is collected automatically

Real Moto 2  is a game for the android platform where you can take part in classic motorcycle races inspired by MotoGP races. Your task is to come to the finish line first. Starting on the track with rivals, which may be other players, you have to drive all the circles of the track specified by the conditions

Cybershock: TD Idle Merge  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as cyberpunk, and the towers, if you select them, look like combat robots, but they are shown schematically on the playing field. The playing field looks like a maze, divided into zones, with a field in the center for merging towers

Is It Love? James - Secrets  is a game for the android platform that tells in detail about the heroines dates with different men. The heroine is a girl who is familiar with the owner of the palace, in which the storyline is tied at a masquerade. A girl can choose a man for herself right at the masquerade, developing a love relationship and discovering his story

Pool Ride - Water Park Racing  is a game for the android platform in which you have to go through a rather long slide in a water park in a minimum time and not fly out of it. The game supports two game modes - Race and Challenge. The roller coaster rides at a fairly high altitude, and copies were used as some of the tracks

Head Soccer - Star League  is a game for the android platform that invites you to take part in a simple soccer match in which you and your opponent are trying to score the ball into each others goal. Among the players there are parodies of celebrities and superheroes from films. Each character has their own abilities

Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game  is a game for the android platform in which money is earned through solved crimes, so you need to invest in professional development to solve more complex cases and increase income. There is a small empty police station at the beginning of the game

Herelone: ​​Mysterious Adventure Escape  is a game for the android platform, the events of which take place in a mysterious vast world, where you can interact with almost all objects. In the story, you wake up near a portal that threw him into a mysterious world, but he remembers nothing, except that you need to get out of this place

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