Games and software on Android

Age Of Pirates: Ocean Empire  is a game for the android platform in which the gameplay is built around ships and sea battles. You will play the role of a shipowner in the Caribbean of the 18th century and will play for a character with whom you can pump some skills, you can also pump a ship and install additional equipment on it

The Academy  - a game for the android platform will take you to a mysterious school, where they study both magic and science. As part of the educational process, you will receive colorfully designed tasks and tests in various sciences, and outside it you will feel like a detective, solving ancient secrets. You will move freely in the 3D world

Krystopia: Novas Journey  is a game for the android platform, the plot of which is a mixture of mystical history and science fiction. where you and a heroine will have a fascinating journey through alien planets in quest locations that are made as a separate dynamic piece of the world in which you can move

Elite Strike - SA  is a game for the android platform in which the gameplay is somewhat similar to Counter Strike. Dividing into teams, players fight each other on different maps during the allotted time period. The team that destroys more enemies wins. All characters wear trendy clothes.

Prison Empire Tycoon  - a game for the android platform, made in the genre of clicker. You need to manage the prison, which turns out to be a rather complicated issue. You need to satisfy the needs of prisoners by improving their convenience in the cell, sanitary unit, kitchen, library and the like, as well as making entertainment accessible

Ultimate horse simulator  is a game for the android platform in which you can create an exceptional horse by choosing a name, gender and color for it, and control it. You and your horse are waiting for many adventures in the vastness of the vast world. Travel across a wide range of locations from small cities to meadows and forests

Gumball Ghoststory! - A game for the Android platform, which is somewhat reminiscent of a fighting game, but your task is not to fill someone’s face, but to suck all the ghosts met in the city into a special vacuum cleaner. Of course, ghosts do not like this treatment, so they attack you and try to destroy you

Lets create! Pottery 2  is a continuation of the application for the android platform, in which you will be asked to turn your phone into a potter’s wheel, on which to fashion your product from different materials in accordance with the task received or in free creativity mode. Gold is offered for decoration and manufacturing.

Ultimate dinosaur simulator  is a game for the android platform in which you can feel like a prehistoric animal, a lizard, for example, or a saber-toothed tiger. You have to help the dinosaur survive in the harsh conditions of the prehistoric era, for which you explore the dense jungle, spacious beaches and other locations

Spider simulator: Amazing city! - an exciting game for the android platform, in which you have to explore different areas of the city, along the streets of which you will lead a giant spider, leaving chaos and destruction behind, because in order to get game points, you need to destroy different buildings and structures

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