Games and software on Android

VUO is a cool Android application to create your live photos. With the help of this wonderful application, your photos will become bright and beautiful, which also move. Thanks to the many available and constantly updated templates, you can make live wallpapers yourself

Lucid Dream Adventure 3 - a game for the android platform, which is the final chapter of the mystical quest thriller about the adventures of the girl Lucy, in which you have to help the main character to deal with the mysterious death of her mother. In this story you will solve simple puzzles and puzzles

Assassins creed: Chronicles. China - the announcement of the game for the android platform, made by Ubisoft in the genre of adventure platformer, the events of which occur in medieval China. According to the storyline, we are talking about the last assassin named Shao Jun from the Chinese brotherhood

Hassle 1977 - online top down action game - an Android platform game in which the gameplay is similar to GTA, but everything is done in the style of the 70s with the addition of futuristic weapons. In order to win, you need to get to the data servers, hack them and send as much data as possible

Lucid Dream Adventure 2 - a game for the android platform, made in the genre of thriller, in which you are waiting for cool adventures. The protagonist is the girl Lucy, who wants to free her mother from pain. The game tells a story, so there are no levels. A girl moves around the world, going to different locations containing quests and puzzles

Ice Scream Episode 2 is a game for the android platform, in which you will travel across different locations in search of a friend, because the main villain, who is an ice cream seller, froze him and hid him in a van. To find a friend, you need to solve puzzles and hide from the villain - the seller of ice cream, who

Lucid dream adventure - a game for the android platform, in which you will find yourself in an amazing world of dreams, through which you will lead the main young heroine Lucy, where you will meet unusual characters, will solve fairly intricate puzzles and learn mystical secrets. Lucy lives alone with a sick mother

Cat quest 2: The lupus empire - the announcement of a game for the android platform, which invites you to visit the fantasy world in search of adventure and gold and take the brave cat to different locations, where he is waiting for battles with wolves and monsters and collecting treasures. The locations are intricate dungeons, dense forests, bright meadows and other

Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper - incredibly beautiful spring live wallpapers for Android. Now you can enjoy the image of your favorite flowers on the screen of your mobile device and enjoy spring flowers at any time. A variety of backgrounds will not leave you indifferent

Lilies of the Valley Live Wallpaper - very beautiful and delicate Android live wallpapers with spring flowers lilies of the valley. Install the application on the screen of your mobile device, give yourself a great mood with beautiful spring flowers

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