Games and software on Android

Christmas Countdown is an excellent holiday app on Android with a countdown to 2020, open the application every day and get a gift: an HD Christmas picture that you can install on your mobile device’s desktop. Download and set this Christmas wallpaper

Golf king - a game for the android platform, which invites you to play golf on the picturesque fields and take part in tournaments. Playing with your friends and players from all over the world, you will train your golf skills, and for the bonuses won you can buy different accessories, new clubs, for example

Rise of Nowlin is a game for the android platform in which the dark Lord Asados ​​invaded your planet to destroy everything. With him, battles will come in a new fantasy world with mythical characters. You need to choose which side to fight on the side of the Light or Dark faction. In the story, your uncle, at the cost of his life, gives you a keeper scroll

Puzzrama is a game for the android platform in which you will collect figures of people, vehicles and buildings from puzzles. After choosing a volumetric and diorama from the collection, assemble it from many parts. To get a diorama, and putting each diorama object separately, put it on the field

New Year Recipes 2020 is an excellent holiday Android application with recipes for New Year's dishes. New Year is one of the most anticipated holidays on our planet, it is waiting for all the peoples of the world. An application to help housewives who want to set up a generous festive table for the New Year

Breakout: Dark prison - a game for the android platform, in which the virus destroyed the world's population, turning people into zombies. And you need to free your daughter from the Dark Prison. The bandits in whose hands she fell placed her there. The girl was immune to the terrible virus, so hit the road

Cinema 14: Thrilling mystery escape - a game for the android platform, containing 14 different endings, each of which opens the past, but not in each you will survive. You need to help a cute girl find a way out of the room with an ugly doll of a gloomy movie theater, revealing the secrets of the past that determine the future of the main character

New Years Countdown to 2020 - countdown to the New Year on Android. The New Year countdown is fully customizable, you can set the days, hours that remain before NG or turn it off. Download and set the countdown to the New Year, choose your favorite sparks and fireworks

Snowflake Live Wallpaper - very beautiful live wallpapers for Android with falling snowflakes. Download and install these cute live wallpapers, choose your favorite picture, and emphasize the individuality and style of your mobile device

Archery Club: PvP Multiplayer - archery on Android, with several modes, including multiplayer, with a large improvement system. Compete in archery, collect equipment and defeat your real opponents online. Each match has three rounds in which you can choose for speed or accuracy

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