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Omni adventure is a role-playing game for the android platform in which you have to assemble a squad of heroes and go to war with bloodthirsty monsters, immersed in an exotic world of fantasies. You can test your logic, thinking and reaction. To fight evil, you need to get the necessary items and, having assembled your team

Death park: Scary clown survival. Halloween horror - a scary logic game for Android, dedicated to Halloween. You need to escape from the terrible clown, find a way out of his ominous trap, while exploring the gloomy atmosphere of his habitat. In order to get out of Death Park and stay alive, you need to solve puzzles

12 Locks 2 is a game for the android platform in which a small funny plasticine man is waiting for your help to open all 12 locks on every door he meets, since the main character got into an absurd story. To do this, find the key by solving many different puzzles. To complete all the tasks, you need logic and ingenuity

12 locks: Plasticine room is an interesting game for the android platform, in which you will need innovative thinking, logic and observation, because you need to help the hero get out of a plasticine room locked with 12 locks, full of secrets and mysteries. To do this, solve the puzzles and find the hidden keys

Meow friends is a game for the android platform, which will allow you to spend free time with several pets, having fun with them in a cozy environment, as well as solving different puzzles and solving complex problems. To get a tasty bonus for pets and set a new record, you need to complete tasks

Aerocats is a game for the android platform in which you and your furry friend must find a cat planet. You are waiting for a balloon flight, so you need to choose a furry friend and a balloon for the flight. Rising higher and higher, you should avoid various obstacles, such as sharp spikes

Defender legend: Hero champions TD - a game for the android platform in which you will protect your land from zombies that came from everywhere from the sea, forest and even from a volcano. You have to collect an army of popular heroes, so as not to admit enemies to the mermaid. To develop a battle strategy, place your heroes on a chess field inside the aquarium

Avoid and slash - a game for the android platform, made in the genre of arcade, in which you can demonstrate the skill of owning piercing weapons. Together with a small round hero and a sword in your hands, you will go towards adventures. Horrible balls are trying to suck life out of you. They must be stopped by entering into battle with them

Tales rush is a role-playing game for the Android platform, with which you will be transported to the fantastic world of fairy tales and you can choose the main character, swordswoman Alice or Alibaba ninja, to go on an exciting journey. At each new level, battle skills will change, and your task is to kill the hordes of the enemy and collect prey

Letter Wallpaper - Stylish Alphabets, Character - very beautiful live wallpapers for Android with original designer letters that are made of paper ribbons. Download and install these incredibly beautiful letters wallpapers on your mobile device, make it personal

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