Games and software on Android

Lee vs the asteroids is a platform game for android, in which the main character again must save the world from destruction. In this case, destroy the planet will be asteroids and giant figures of space monsters. Your task is to press the screen in time, so that the main character can get to dangerous objects. The character possesses destructive

Karate buddy: Fight for domination is a platform game for android, in which, by studying martial arts, you can become a successful karate player and defeat enemies in the streets of the city, skillfully applying techniques of karate. You can get a black belt, for which you will need constant training in the dojo

Garden pets: Match-3 dogs and cats home decorate - a game for the android platform, in which you, composing rows of 3 or more fruits of one kind, will create your own garden, where cute pets will live. You need to swap the fruit in such a way that the longest combinations of their identical fruits are obtained

ForFun: Funny memes, jokes, GIFs and PICs is a new application for the android platform, in which thousands of users every day add exceptional funny jokes, best gifki and memes. Using the application, you can not only watch, but also evaluate, comment and share jokes with friends

Break heavens is a platform game for android that will take you back to the Three Kingdoms. In it you go in search of adventure and secret immortality. You will fight monsters and other enemies, using certain weapons and exceptional martial arts techniques to prove your right to life

Skater: Let's skate is a fun and dynamic platform game for android that invites you to an exciting journey through cities, mountains and other beautiful locations. Your task is to manage the skateboarder, who rushes speedily on his skateboard to levels filled with obstacles. By tapping the screen at the right time

Asia empire 2027 is a fascinating platform game for android that will take you ten years to come, in the near future. Your task is to create an empire embracing the whole of Asia, becoming the leader of the country as a result of the uprising. Your country must dominate the region. To achieve this, use economic

Rabbids Arby's rush is a platform game for android, in which the main character, a mad rabbit, must collect a lot of special coins, for which he can buy fuel to go to the moon. Your task is to control a rabbit running through the shopping center and other locations where it needs to bypass the vending machines

World of empires is a platform game for android that offers you to become an experienced ruler and general and achieve world domination using diplomatic and military methods. You need to create and develop your own civilization, starting from one city. Your civilization must pass through different historical epochs

Whambam warriors: Puzzle RPG is a platform game for android, in which you take part in frantic battles, cleaning towers from monsters and placed traps. You need to organize a detachment of fearless heroes and lead him into battle. You need to calculate each step, because the mistakenly chosen time for the attack will lead to the death of the detachment

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