Games and software on Android

Tiny Archers - a game for the android platform from the developers of the studio 1DER Entertainment, performed in the genre of the simulator of archery. The game was able to combine several genres at once. On the one hand this is an excellent simulator, and on the other - you can pump your heroes and fight off enemies, defending your towers

Heroes of rings: Dragons war. Fantasy quest games - a game for the android platform, in which you have to challenge the ancient evil. The fate of the world is in your hands, so command the legendary warriors in battles with the dark forces who want to destroy the world. You need to assemble a unit capable of saving the world

Heroes of COK: Clash of kings is a platform game for android that offers you to become either a prince or a princess by fighting for the throne of the kingdom. To win in the battles, you need to enlist the support of numerous allies. The team you gathered from the legendary heroes

Run and gun: Banditos is a fun platform game for android, in which you will lead your hero through the deserts and canyon, collecting gold coins along the way and shooting back from numerous enemies. The gist of the game is that in a gang of robbers clever skeletons stole gold, and what a thug this will endure

Dobu: Furry Fighters - a game for the android platform from the developers of the studio Mojo Forest in the genre of the clicker, in which there is something from Tetris. In the game, you face a serious task - the defense of the state. According to the plot of the game for the state, which you have to defend, from the sky attacked monsters, similar to the casting

Angry Birds Evolution - a game for the android platform from the developers of Rovio Entertainment Ltd., who decided to please fans of the new, more advanced in every respect, version of the famous game about birds. The evolution of the game really happened, it was transformed from a classic arcade into a role-playing game

Dead ahead: Zombie warfare is a platform game for android that will take you to a post-apocalyptic world dominated by zombies. You need to build a team and protect the bus with survivors from countless attacks of hungry zombies. Carrying a bus to different locations - wastelands, cities and other

BLEED - Online Shooter 3D - a dynamic game for the android platform, created by the developers of the studio IO Games Ltd. In the genre of a full-fledged shooter. It's not just a shooter, it's also an excellent multiplayer project with interesting features. The developer is known for the project ZIC: Zombies in the city, who is also a shooter

Yacuzza 3: Mad city crime - an exciting game for the android platform, in which you will survive in a dangerous criminal metropolis. To do this, you need to lead the protagonist, a member of the Japanese mafia, in the areas of a huge city and raise his authority among the leaders of the underworld

Super smashball is a platform game for android, in which you have to pave the way to freedom and bring out the soul, which is connected with a chain with a heavy metal ball, from the world of the dead. You will be able to cope with the task at hand by spinning the heavy ball on the chain as much as possible, with which you will crush the enemies

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