Games and software on Android

Momo strike: Endless block breaking game! - a fun game for the android platform, in which you have the opportunity to test your accuracy by shooting on blocks with small balls. Your task - together with Momo, the main character, to destroy the blocks that filled the playing field. Rectangular blocks have different strengths

Fish race is a platform game for android that invites you to take a fascinating journey through the ocean depths, controlling a fish or other underwater creature during an exciting race. Among the characters are fish-clowns, whales, sharks, dolphins, rays and other marine inhabitants. You have to lead the main character forward

Dodge white - an interesting game for the android platform, in which you have to draw a ball-shaped character on the track to the end of the level, while avoiding collisions with the enemy and with objects of white color. With a single finger press, you can control the jumping of a small ball

Steampunk Droid: Fear Lab - excellent live wallpapers with a fear laboratory in vintage style on Android. Poor robot, which is constantly put up by terrible experiments, while introducing introduce terrible physical elements

Particle Constellations - colorful interactive wallpaper. The built-in program generates particles and connects them with lines. You can choose any color and form a unique pattern

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker - Excellent live wallpaper with a mass of functions on Android. You have the ability to fully integrate widgets and display useful information on your mobile device's desktop. You can add your pictures as screensavers or use standard textures

Zac bounce - A game for the android platform, in which you have to draw a ridiculously vague character as far as possible on a complex route built from small islets. The character will jump from platform to platform. To chart the trajectory of the jump, you just need to touch the screen, and if you release your finger, the character will jump

Piggy wiggy - a game for the android platform, in which you will interact with various objects, applying the laws of physics, to achieve the goal. And the goal of the game is to help the pigs get to the delicious acorns scattered in the levels, while you can, as you move the guinea pig to the acorns

Moto Max - a game for the android platform, in which, along with the main character Max, you will go on a long journey on a motorcycle through city streets, country roads and other roads. You need to so control the movement of the motorcycle to avoid collisions with other vehicles, stones

Magic hero: Last HP duels is an interesting platform game for android, in which you have to fight with dark forces to defeat the army of the dark lord. Harry, the main character, moving forward, at every step will meet a dark magician or a witch. You need to point the magic wand at the enemy and apply a spell that will destroy it

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