Alarm Clock Xtreme


Alarm Clock Xtreme - great alarm clock with great functionality for Android. Alarm Clock Xtreme just will not let you sleep. If Alarm Clock Xtreme detects that you've already gone to school or work, you yourself off (this function needs a GPS).

Key features of Alarm Clock Xtreme:
- Unlimited number of alarms at the same time
- Repeats on given days of the week
- Wake up to your favorite songs
- Wake up to a random song from your playlist
- Gradual increase in loudness
- The mode of laying ("sleep more") with large button
- Solve math problem to "sleep more", or to turn off the alarm clock
- Shake your phone to "sleep more", or to turn off the alarm clock
- Set the speed of the phone, above which the alarm shuts down, and more.

Platform: Android 2.0 and above.

Version: 3.3.5p


Download Alarm Clock Xtreme apk Free 993 KB version 3.5.9

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