Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)


Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - Service app for the Android platform, which will not let you oversleep and be late for work or an important meeting. Many application developers for mobile devices to address this problem, but this application helps to wake up already millions of people around the world.

The application contains two main functions, which guarantee supply of the audio signal at a given time, and that after the signal you will continue to not be in the arms of Morpheus, because in order to turn the alarm off you have to shake it, but it certainly will make you wake up. Number of shakes is set from 5 to 95, depending on how you find it difficult to wake up. We can say that this feature is no different features of the original, but the second ... without a doubt, this has not happened.

So, to perform a second function, you need something to photograph, to Service realized that you have already risen. Then he relaxed, knowing that his job is to raise the "Sony" is successful. How does this feature. You register in advance a certain place or object, such as a wash basin in the bathroom, or coffee in the kitchen, or any other object in the other room. When the alarm sounds, you can not just turn it off, you have to get up and go take a picture of the place or thing that you have registered. Only after the alarm compares the photo, it will calm down. It is unlikely that after this you will find yourself in bed again.

Besides the two main, the application contains a number of additional functions, which are set in the settings. You can set multiple alarms on different days, the volume, timer, color scheme, and other things that can be useful for you.

There are two versions of the application: one free, which contains a bit of banner advertising, and the second «Pro», which is functionally no different, but no ads. For it is necessary to pay $ 3.

Summary: Excellent Service original application that is guaranteed to take you in the morning, not allowing late.


Download Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) apk Free 8.4 MB version 14.0

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