Google Play Games


Google Play Games - interesting and popular application for the Android platform, which is able to combine all of the products Google, to make our lives more comfortable. The app appeared for a long time and the number of downloads has exceeded its 500 million because the process does not stop its development.

The application Google Play Games can be traced all the games that you downloaded to your account Google. It also logs your ranking according to your achievements in different games and the experience you gain as you progress through new games.

The app provides tips on games from Google, and have the opportunity to seek game. You can also add friends and monitor their results and game preferences, allowing you to compete for the best results, and send invitations to take part in the game, take quests and just give gifts.

The application supports the ability to sync your progress in the game with all the devices, that is, changing the device, you can continue from the same place where you left off.

Summary: those who do not play a lot, consider it the application is not very useful, but for fans of various computer games and for those who have many friends gamers, the application Google Play Games provide an excellent opportunity to take their place in the game world Google.


Download Google Play Games apk Free 4.76 MB version 2.2.09 (

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