Wikia: Cocktails


Wikia: Cocktails - app on Android, created by fans for fans, which collected an insane amount of tips, recipes and ideas on a variety of cocktails, methods for their preparation and bars where they can drink. If you are interested in the topic of cocktails, this app will be the best source of relevant and interesting information. Wikia dignity applications is that they are relevant and reliable, simply because information is constantly updated in real-time Commonwealth huge fans themes.

The main features of the application Wikia: Cocktails:

• Category and articles

• ranking of information on trends

• search for articles about the cocktails

• contains text, images and video

• choice of settings layout applications and font size

• the opportunity to join the community of

• Direct contact with participants vikiproekta

• the ability to request more information or to offer their amendments.

Download Wikia: Cocktails apk Free 4.56 MB version 1.4.1

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