Dragon Mania Legends


Dragon Mania Legends - the most interesting game of the revival and fantastic battles dragons on Android.

You will have to recover and repopulate Drakolandiyu her dragons. You can open more than one hundred exceptional dragons. Conclusions and grow brave dragons are warriors who will participate in the legendary battles against the Vikings. Do you have a tremendous opportunity to become a master of dragons.

To create a brave dragon warrior you need to start taking care of housing for the future offspring, so join in the construction of the Dragonblight Island. Try yourself in the role of genetics. Crossed the best dragons get pups that will be worthy warriors, if you forget to feed them, educate, train and play with them

interactive games. You must instill in their dragons, which can be assembled a gallery, special skills that are useful in battle.

Battles take place in the new dynamic system "three on three", which you can use anger dragons and, without stopping, to go to victory.

The game contains more than a hundred interesting places that you can visit on your way of understanding the world. You can fight with other users in the Arena. For winning prizes provided. Do not forget to visit Drakolandiyu and give gifts to other players on its open spaces. Play and have fun!

Some users have encountered the problem of connection, so developers are already working on a fix.


Download Dragon Mania Legends apk Free 23.07 MB version 1.0.1c

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