SketchBook Express


SketchBook Express - Android app on by such famous designers as Autodesk Inc., which can not fail to interest users. For other platforms, they have created a drawing program AutoCAD, and for an android app Pixlr-o-matic, the popularity of which indicate more than 10 million downloads. App SketchBook Express is designed for image processing, as well as your own pictures. While the popularity of this application on the order of less than Pixlr-o-matic, but that does not diminish its usefulness and the level of quality that is inherent in the company's products Autodesk Inc.

If you consider yourself a creative creative person, this application will be so helpful. Its essence lies in processing photos and images, drawing and some other functions that may be useful to you and that you can use on your tablet or phone. There is, however, one restriction for comfortable application - is the screen size, which should be at least 4 inches.

Paid version of SketchBook Ink, which cost $ 2.5, has a highly functional, being a full-fledged program analogue Photoshop, but it is unlikely there are many users of this program on Android, so let's talk about the basic properties and features of the free version of the app SketchBook Express.

Thus, the basic properties of the application SketchBook Express:

· Well organized and comfortable working space - full screen

· Support for landscape orientation if you have a device with a small display

· The possibility of a significant increase - Zoom up to 2500%

· The possibility of layering - up to 3 layers

· The ability to customize fifteen kinds of brushes for painting

· Wide range of colors

· The ability to add text to images

· Several types of filters

· Transformation and dynamic change

· Convenient to use the save function

· Integrated with DeviantArt - the largest resource for artists

· For this version of the application does not have to pay, and there are no purchases during use

Summary: Praise for developers to create an application without Donati, simple, comfortable and very high quality that can easily solve elementary problems and draw wonderful drawings.


Download SketchBook Express apk Free 11.43 MB version 2.9.2

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