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Bug Art - a great drawing tool on Android. Many positive can be found in this app that turns drawing a game where you draw different insects, and even to paint and carry the mini-games, entertainment for children and adults within the application.

Think about it, how much are the attributes that accompany the process of painting - paint, albums, palette, brushes? Then it is possible to get dirty, and children, of course, get dirty floor, carpet, wallpaper, paint pets - our smaller brethren. We'll have to put a lot of effort to clean up all and put in order. Virtual and virtual ink drawing without consequences.

Per game as you have to pay about two dollars, which is much less than the cost to the drawing in real life.

In addition to drawing, the game contains favorite children (and some adults too) coloring, as well as the ability to drag-colored insects in the mini-games to which they have become.

Characterized by ease of application, along with a very attractive design. The graphics are not different dynamics, on the contrary, rather static, but very beautiful, promotes creativity. You will enjoy playing this game with your child.

Key features and benefits applications Bug Art:

· Everything is simple and clear - and drawing, and menus

· Actions are not limited to paper, in reality,

· More than 20 different attributes for drawing

· Using stickers, which about forty, you can change the appearance of the figure

· Beautiful high resolution graphics

· Cheerful music

· Game translated, supports 13 languages

· Game aimed at children, and therefore the total lack of advertising and shopping for real money and the availability of parental control

Negative application properties Bug Art:

· Payment for applications - about $ 2

Summary: The need to recognize that there is, for that charge a fee. Beautiful thoughtful and comprehensive application that is the best fit as young talents and their parents.


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