Yandeks.Gorod - a necessary and just the right application for Android, which could be an improved version of the already known maps of Yandex. Many users around the world and has a lot of years. Once you have the opportunity to use the reviews of real people and information from multiple partners, the number of sites, now only you will have detailed information about everything restaurants, cafes, cinemas and other entertainment venues that interest you.

Such an application will be to the article, when you find yourself not in his native city, where you do not know where to go and where to eat.

A kind - a sort of - sort of special social network, but you are interested in many of the same users, you have the opportunity to put the tags, send links, geolocation works, in addition, you have the opportunity to log in and use your account has any of the social network and, of course, there is no way for your comments.

The application has only recently started its work, so do not judge strictly. The application will eventually be updated with more information and the number of users.

Yandeks.Gorod and its features:

- Is familiar to all interface

- A lot of useful information contained on the familiar maps

- Totally free and informative

- There is a voice search

There is a small bug, the application does not work in all the cities, there is no rigid approval, depending on the user application.

In general, the application is remarkable, yet managed to combine everything at once.



Download Yandeks.Gorod apk Free 12.1 MB version 1.04

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