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DAY: automatic diary - unique and stunning diary Day on Android, which can automatically record all your life. Day you will be able to photograph yourself, write your conversations, your movements, your thoughts, and the history of your communication and correspondence. Day will be able to miss the important events in your life, it will do it automatically.

Blog Day is a great application that will be able to fix every day of your life, and fixation occur avtomaticheski.Day make self and photographs of the world will be able to fix your feelings, thoughts, movement, including phone calls. With absolute ease and without applying effort on your part. Before your task is not to invent every day that you need to write to you to remember this day, instead of you it will make a diary, because every day in their beautiful and unique.

It seems as if about to shoot a movie of your life, and you - the protagonist. The beauty lies in the fact that the entire process occurs naturally and easily, so you do not get embarrassed kinogruppy and nobody can stop you. Your personal diary Day will stay on your film, all that will happen, quietly and calmly for you. Only you will be able to see and hear themselves from the outside. You can understand how you look from the side.

Your blog will be able to fix everything and nothing can pass by and go unnoticed, because each and every nuance of detail may be meaningful to you.

Blog Day is able to:
1. Knows how to capture photos of your face and all that surrounds you
2. Knows how to keep a list of calls and their content
3. Preserve voice, feelings, emotions, not only yours, but your buddies
4. Save all SMS
5. Knows how to maintain mobility
6. Knows a lot of other

The main thing that you have the opportunity in a convenient time for you to view, listen and learn, and access to such sensitive information there is only you.

It is important that there is absolute confidentiality diary, which ensured the absence of delivery or synchronization with the server. Diary is fully protected.
Appendix DAY: automatic diary will be not just an assistant. You will always find not just a phone number you can listen to the conversation, making sure that this is the room that you have not saved in their contacts, even when the conversation was a year ago.

Only this diary you have the opportunity to view all the places where you have been and photos with you, despite the fact that there were very long. Such information Your diary can keep forever.

Not a single day can not pass such a diary that would not be a burden, he can quietly for you every day, every minute to record your life.


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