COOL CAT fun SPEAKER - Meet fun and positive application on Android. Now completely new and unique jokes and fun awaits you. Large number of free jokes, users have been able to assess the kind of humor.

Nice to meet Barsiku, and to be precise with daring Barsiku. Snow leopard

lives in your
mobile device and loves to eat yum-yum. He loves sausage and good fun, and knows a lot of good jokes. You might decide that it's just "povtoryalka", who can only repeat what you say, no, it's not. Snow leopard can, of course, repeat what you say, but only if he has a good mood. He did not just seal it cheeky cat. You need to ensure that it is in a good mood. Snow leopard likes sausage when stroked his tummy, but this time he will be able to tell you a great joke or anecdote.

It should be noted that you need

download about 10
Mb of additional data for the excellent quality to the application.

COOL CAT SPEAKER has fun features:

1. Barsik Wonderful and positive, can not only speak, but also for you to repeat all the above, with the proviso that in a good mood
2. Wonderful
Snow leopard has a great sense of humor and knows many
great jokes and anecdotes
3. Optionally, the cat will be able to tell jokes and hot, he has a whole arsenal of their
4. Barsik idolizes sausage and loves to play with a toy - a bow
5. Pochuhat him you can tum
6. Application has 2.5 kilograms of sausage for Barsika and 156 hours of fun and high spirits
7. Incredible amount of great humor: jokes, jokes, quotes, aphorisms, jokes and anecdotes
8. Acquainted with our seals, you can understand why he's so cocky
9. You can only get a positive mood from communicating with wonderful snow leopard.


Download COOL CAT fun SPEAKER apk Free 6.69 MB version 1.2.28

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