Dubstep Psychedelic Bird 3D


Dubstep Psychedelic Bird 3D - exciting and a little crazy game on Android. Could ever think of that

You -
bird that flies in
psychedelic delirium? Once you have an incredible opportunity to look like
to see the world in its
eyes. Well, if you
under Dubstep, toy you like.

The fact that this game is incredible and unusual - it is a fact.

Dubstep Psychedelic Bird 3D has the features of the game:
1. Need to click on the screen to fly up
2. Did not miss any pills
3. Stunning and vibrant 3D world
4. Perspective on the game in the first person
5. Stunning obstacles
6. Has hardcore mode
7. Incredible global leaderboards
8. Achievements have
9. Full fly.

Importantly: The game is not recommended for people who suffer from diseases of the brain and on the psyche!


Download Dubstep Psychedelic Bird 3D apk Free 14.58 MB version 1.0.4

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