Kokteyler: cocktail recipes!


Kokteyler: cocktail recipes! - Meet incredible app for Android, which will please not only you but also your group of friends. Maybe you have a desire to organize the most extravagant party, maybe you dream of unforgettable impressions at a party, then this is what you need. Unbelievable and slightly eccentric alcoholic and soft drinks only you and only your party at your fingertips.

Why waste your time looking for beautiful and delicious cocktails, it's possible to spend a time to communicate with your guests. Simply install the application you want and you can easily learn how to cook the most famous alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. You will be able to improvise and invent their own masterpieces. Do not be afraid to improvise, mix, build and create. Start with the B-52, after sex on the beach, and pina colada finish and martinis. Maybe someone - of the guests do not drink alcohol, then we can offer great mocktails, such as non-alcoholic mojito cocktail or fresh.

The application has features:
1. can easily make some of the most popular cocktails
2. incredible selection of alcoholic and soft drinks
3. awesome feature "shaker" who can help you choose a cocktail based on your favorite ingredients, or to invent a cocktail
4. you can save recipes to favorites
5. can send to your friends through the great expanses of recipes social networking and email.

A good party!

Download Kokteyler: cocktail recipes! apk Free 28.92 MB version 1.3

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