Assistant Pocket Blonde

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Assistant Pocket Blonde - a terrific app for Android, which will become your faithful tireless assistant. This is not just an app - it's a cute blonde - assistant that will sparkle on the screen of your mobile device.

Despite the fact that assistant - blonde, it is quite erudite and useful. cute girl will wake you up on time in the morning to tell the latest news and horoscopes, has a great sense of humor, remembers all birthdays, can follow the weather and knows a lot of useful things. And most importantly, that your assistant can talk.

Eating nice updates:
1. simple connection of sound
2. functional animation
3. Your assistant can work to classmates and TWITTER
4. has a good memory, can remind you of upcoming events
5. even if you change your mobile device, you will not forget blonde and will not be re-acquainted with you

What else can your assistant - Blonde:
1. she looks stunning. There are more than fifty sorts of animations.
2. is pleasant and free dialogue with you.
3. she - erudite, knows a lot of useful information, namely forecast for a few days, the latest news, horoscope, truthful, funny jokes, remembers birthdays.
4. committed and always there.

It is important to note that your pocket blonde - this is only part of a huge project Brainy ™. Application that perfect innovation for mobile devices, which is able to improve your gadget. Application that presents a whole new generation.

Once you have set your assistant, it ceases to meet with you. Know your name, gender, age and location, and perhaps she will collect all data from your social network profile if you select it. After completing his acquaintance, it will make you a proposal to set a widget and can provide information about their capabilities.

You make the choice yourself. If humor, then your personal assistant will tell you the good jokes, want to know that you have prepared the stars tell horoscope, maybe you want to talk to your profile VKontakte and Facebook, it is the hour to remind you about the upcoming festive events.

The time comes and your assistant can learn a whole new possibilities. You can always good, useful and fun.


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