Optical Inquisitor 17 +


Optical Inquisitor 17 + - a great strategy for devices based on Android. In this game a hit, why hit, but because it is in the top 10 strategies in more than 10 countries around the world, you will find yourself in 1988. Hero who you're playing, call Tommy Riss, friends betrayed him and because of this he was in jail for as long as 8 years. So he went out and wants revenge and wants to return to his daughter. Now it's your turn to become the top scorer!

Optical Inquisitor game 17 + has its own characteristics:

- Simply gorgeous physics, destructible body
- You can build your own weapon
- Participation in the underground racing and game club
- Just great animation and exciting cut scenes
- Super sniper mechanics
- Wonderful new retro wave soundtrack 80s style of such masters of the genre as Perturbator, RTRY, Vector Hold, Protector-101, Palm Highway Chase, Tommy, Betamaxx, Flash Arnold, Silenx, M-Town Vice, Vincenzo Salvia, Hot Hot Hawk, Brutal Pony Riders, Bestrack, The Astral Stereo Project, Bourgeoisie, Mr Pteez, Quasars, DrPECCO
- Lots of interactive elements at levels
- The original atmosphere of the 80s
- You need to get used to the role of a sniper

Download and enjoy!


Download Optical Inquisitor 17 + apk Free 35.57 MB version 1.0.3

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