Ezzy - Live Egg (Free)


Ezzy - Live Egg (Free) Izzy - a fun app live egg on Android. Hilarious live egg - unconditionally hero in all games. Your task - good fun and spend time with them, play with them and decorate them. Playing with him, Izzy collects coins, due to which, you can decorate it.

Ezzy - Live Egg (Free) has features:

9 You will enjoy fun games:

1. The magic staircase right in the blue sky (ladder to heaven)

2. sad fallen angel (fallen angel)
3. bad and gloomy clouds (angry clouds)
4. jumper night (midnight jumpster)
5. rain of eggs (egg-rain)
6. incredible stunts star (star trick)
7. yaykonoid (bregg game)
8. Cutting for eggs (egg slicer)
9. The little yellow yolk. (Yooolk)

The presence of 50 elements of personalization: 15 colors, 8 textures, 10 caps, 5 points, 6 hairstyles, facial 6 vegetation. Enough tools for creativity, is not it?

The app knows several languages: Russian and English.


Download Ezzy - Live Egg (Free) apk Free 14.03 MB version 2.0.5

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