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Toasts for all holidays - incredible app for Android, which will give you a stunning collection of toasts and congratulations. Do not be trivial, show your wit and knowledge of fine toast. Application knows a lot of fun, witty and good toasts and congratulations, their incredible number - 3000 is toast for all occasions.

Importantly, you have a tremendous opportunity to create your list of favorite toast and also send my congratulations dear ones in social network, mail or SMS .

Unless there are no holidays toasts and congratulations! Is nobody waits pleasant, and sometimes the right words from a holiday? After all the words that are uttered with a glass in his hand always sound solemn and festive, and have a special meaning. Application opens for you the most extraordinary toast, which can decorate and add your greeting.

After a speech or toast primarily - a greeting to the guest of honor, and then the protocol.
With this handy app, you will not be ashamed of what you have nothing to say at the holiday table. Who has not come across that has nothing to say in surprise. But it was and is that people get up and say not just banal and dry toast, and beautiful speech.

There are in each community its groovy toastmaster. Maybe it's not you, but thanks p I'm such an application you will certainly be able to become the soul of the company, to feel for those who always have something to say. All that is required of you - it's a bit of preparation for the event. You do not have to invent yourself that - either, because this work for your application.

A good toast is always appropriate, and if he is supported by a good sense of humor, then the twins. Do not forget that a good toast is pulled at a later time, when your company is already in the desired condition.

It is important to note that only once using this application you can feel juggernaut of joy and trust the company you will not forget. Do not be afraid to experiment, making jokes and stories to toast, adding something philosophical and turning ordinary booze in a civilized and slightly bohemian event.

There are such wonderful topics: "Tell me who you are," Jokes, Army, without cause, in the Angel Day, in the Circle of Friends, Fun, Oriental, for Love, Georgian, Let's drink, for Grandma, for Brother, for war, for Woman, for Grandpa, for birthday, for children, for longevity, for friendship, for friendship, for wife, for women, for health, for the Arts, for the Company, for the Beloved, for a loved one, for love, for Mom, for Medics for young, my husband, for Men, for the newborn, for Hunter, for the Pope, for girlfriend, for parents, for relatives, for fishermen, for sisters, for soldiers, for happiness, for the Son, with the mother in law, for fortune, for hosts Zastolnye, from the film, just women, Named Men, February 23, March 8, an Anniversary, caucasian, colleagues, Short, Corporate, Marine, Wise, husband and wife, on Teachers' Day, on baptism, for the New Year on Christmas, fishing, Tatiana's Day, Head, Christmas in verse, from the collective, after Bani, Funny, about drinking, about animals, Distressed, programmers, Professional, and Mardi Gras, with a new home, birth of a child, Wedding, Family , Student, Philosophical, Humorous


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