Touchnote Postcards


Touchnote Postcards - a fantastic opportunity to congratulate their favorite wonderful holiday. Meet beautiful app for android that opens for you an incredible opportunity to send a postcard to your favorite

Valentine's Day.

Surprise, raduyte their loved ones by sending them your selected photos in the form of this greeting card for Valentine's Day or March 8. A great opportunity to surprise your loved ones a wonderful act.

Touchnote Postcards has features:

1. just in front of you a fantastic opportunity to make your secret message, you can include a map with your location,
as a hint.

2. photo printed full size, 11.4 × 15.2 cm, glossy, with a resolution of 300 dpi.

3. complete and absolute money back guarantee for every postcard sent

4. function print and deliver everywhere in just $ 1.49 / £ 1.49 / € 1.49, please note that there are discounts for bulk orders

5. incredibly, there are shipping in America and the UK just 1-4 working days, and in all other countries depends on the work of the local mail

6. have a great opportunity to create cards in off-line mode and send it later, when you see the Internet without using roaming

7. have a fantastic opportunity to carry on many mailing addresses

8. is possible to increase, rotation and cropping your photos

9. there is the option to view a complete history of mailings

10. can create an address book that can be used on any mobile device or on-line.

- Only positive emotions recipient, who can evaluate your creative approach to a greeting card

- Once you have a tremendous opportunity to create a greeting card for a birthday, Valentine's Day, March 8, or just to say «I love you».

- Such cards that you sent from a foreign trip, exactly will be delivered to the addressee faster than usual, so we send them out of the U.S. and UK

- An incredible opportunity to share
photographs with those who do not use e-mail or Facebook

even at the last moment, you can n
donkey postcard that will not take long.


Happy Valentine's Day!


Download Touchnote Postcards apk Free 16.92 MB version

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