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Questions Answers - Questions and Answers - stunning and intelligent service to your Android. To offer you the opportunity to ask questions and answer questions. Program works simply, you need to ask a question, wait for a response from the user and confirm it. To offer you the opportunity to change the rating of the responses.

The program runs comfortable enough to get the answer to your question you need to select the question. You can narrow your questions to your list handy. At your request, may I add a question to your favorites. In addition, you can pick up similar to the responses rated issues. It is important to note that active communication is even a nice prizes if the issue like other users. In exactly the opposite, like the answer will also be encouraged prize.

Questions Answers has features:
1. The program can

Adds FAQ
2. ability to edit questions and answers
3. removing the possibility of questions and answers
4. rating change questions and answers
5. possibility of adding questions to favorites
6. function confirmation received responses
7. there is a filter, sort, search through the list of questions
8. encourage users

9. program knows several languages.

Good luck!

Download Questions & Answers apk Free 352 KB version 1.0.2

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