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Magic Christmas holiday, which offers both children and adults. With the arrival of the New Year holidays and the fun begins.

Popular ingredient was, of course, meat. By Christmas p

cattle, salted ham, smoked ham, stuffed with sausage, pork head and
stomachs. And as you know, went caroling singing yes
"Gut yes
leg in the post
box ".

Also, there were even deprived of meat soup. Rich soup with meat,

razvarnoy lamb or beef, whitened
sour cream, milk or cream.

Breaking fast began on Christmas Eve, the first star you must have enjoyed the scullery. After matins had to raise a glass with fragrant cooked roast goose or a pig's head.

You can also note that in some provinces, baked oatmeal pancakes. They were treated to the familiar, and most importantly friends and relatives invited to wine and pancakes. Why oatmeal pancakes, because oats is considered one of the symbols of Christmas celebrations. Interesting fact that Vasilyev evening, New Year's Eve in the old style, also called Ovsenem.

It is also important to note that to oatmeal pancakes pryazhenina good fit. This so-called machanka, from the word "dip" when dipped into a thick meat gravy traditional Belarusian potato pancakes, boiled potatoes or just freshly baked bread.

For dessert, baked Roe. Intricate, as cows, sheep, goats, deer. Hostesses sculpted arms

together with
Passing from
generation to
generation of wonderful traditions. from time to time used tin dredging that made independently and
ordinary strips of tin. You can also use
molds for children games
sand, which are pre-
need to be oiled. Also it should be noted that the options for Roe
quite a lot.
As of n
It is interesting to rye
- By
butter and
egg yolks.

A warmed Christmas sbiten and kiddies offered a soft drink for adults - a strong, beer, brandy, vodka or wine.

Every Christmas buffet was rich in a variety of dishes, which became its decoration. Often he remained covered with at Christmas time all the time. It is also important to note that under the most elegant tablecloths laid a bundle of straw, which was a symbol of the birth of the infant Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. And in some Russian regions this custom has been preserved until today.

Bon appetit!

Merry Christmas!

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