Physiognomy: read faces


Physiognomy - a stunning method on the Android recognition of human nature. To date, one of the most advanced non-scientific methods of recognition of man as a person, as a friend, as a companion, besides the method by which you can determine the state of health by analyzing the external features of the face and its expression.

As shown by this methodology, to understand the mysteries of the human soul helps the entire face, including the nose, eyes, etc. Physiognomy as a research grant, as an instruction to the person that determines his character, abilities and talents can identify periods of ups and downs of life, bright and happy years of life, identifies outstanding ability. With this application you can read people like a book.

We will not prevaricate and definitely just say that thanks to this application much is possible, and the main thing is that you can read people like a book and a lot less mistakes in life. Absolutely we can say that the people around us and the world will be perceived quite differently.

Good luck to you in reading the most interesting book called man!

Download Physiognomy: read faces apk Free 2.04 MB version 1.0
Download Physiognomy: read faces apk Free 2.04 MB version 1.1

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  • Posted by: Яков (Guest), 2016-10-12 19:05:01
    За игры не ручаюсь. Книга по физиогномике - для тупых девочек.