English for 7 lessons


English language classes for 7 -

bring to your attention the wonderful teaching of English by Helen Shipilova on Android. Awesome app, "English for 7 lessons" to teach you English
communication on the
conversational level, communicating to the base theme.

Very thoughtful course for Dummies established a rather clear and concise, not be a difficulty for those who do not speak that language. The training program included basic grammar used by people all over the world for free, comfortable communication between people in the English language.

It is important to note that the lessons in this application with the voice acting, it is available - clear explanations. This feature will allow you to learn English even driving a car, or in any other circumstances.

It is also important to note that the exercises in the application are made so that the topics are treated with useful lessons and running vocabulary, and the main thing that has all the answers.

Exercise in truth built enough thought out. Here it is necessary to independently translate a sentence, at the same time, comparing with the answers. A large percentage of words will be in lessons, exercises that will allow you not to look at every once in a dictionary. A good way of remembering words, implemented in practice, because it will be their own phrases and sentences.

Of course, as in the present student can be difficult, so you have language support. Write on the email from the application, call the language support and find out for yourself the questions.

English for 7 lessons have the ability to:

1. absolutely free full version of the course

2. exercises designed to test materials covered

3. there is an audio materials with explanations

4. there are video materials, but must be connected to the Internet

5. quick navigation to speakASAP

6. lightning-fast creation of letters in the service of language support speakASAP

7. virtually all materials, except for the video section, can be used without an Internet connection.

Download English for 7 lessons apk Free 2.73 MB version 1.2.7

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